Are you curious to know the value of your belongings? Need an appraisal before submitting your item to eBay or other auction sites? Antiques and heirloom pieces may have hidden value! Endangered Pieces offers appraisals of personal property from antiques, artwork, furniture, and building materials! Truly a great service that can be helpful with insurance, taxes, loss of value, resale values, damage claims, or just general information. Contact us for details and pricing!


Endangered Pieces is always looking to add valuable, interesting pieces to its collection. Bring in any items you wish to sell, and maybe we’ll make an offer! We also love to trade. Bring in the items you wish to trade, and we will asses a value to your item that can be applied to any piece in our collection! Truly one of a kind service!


Looking for a unique backdrop to your corporate event, party, or wedding? Endangered Pieces is the first place to look! With such a huge collection of exotic items from across the globe, we have what you need to complete your event vision. We feature a serious selection of far east pieces, rustic decor, classical pieces, luxurious & elegant furniture, along with endless statues and decor. Achieve your event vision by renting the items you need at reasonable prices! All of our pieces are available for prop and party rentals.


Don’t let the real estate market get you down! The first impression is the key factor in selling your home. Studies show potential buyers often make up their mind ten seconds after they step in your front door. They even form an opinion as soon as they pull into your driveway, which doesn’t leave much room for error! To achieve the greatest success, a home must always be presented at its best from the moment it is on the market. Let us make selling your home easier with our real estate staging service. We optimize and enhance both interior and exterior spaces. Contact us for details and pricing!