When the rich buy a million dollar estate, they hire powerful contractors and designers to reinvent their new home, often spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to change the previous owner’s remodeling. I collect the furniture and high end building materials that do not fit the new designer’s vision.

Over the past 54 years I have amassed the most amazing collection of building materials from the richest homes and resorts on Maui and the neighboring islands. My collection is vast, and it features incredible pieces from all over the world!

– David


In today’s modern world, American interiors are becoming redundant. Many homes and businesses are losing character by featuring furniture from large chain stores seen over and over again. Have you ever walked into your friend’s house and said, “I have that desk”, or “I know where you bought that!”? These comments are heard more frequently every day. Endangered Pieces is the place to shop when you desire unique interiors that reflect your style and personality!

The collection offers buyers thousands of unique items, many with a story behind them. Everything from this collection is a conversation starter that will impress your guests. Furhtermore, you’ll be able to purchase these quality items at a fraction of their original price! Endangered Pieces is truly a buyer’s paradise!